I'll be releasing an improved version on Steam!

Learn to communicate with Compicactus and have an AI date!

(Game created for the AI and Games Jam 2022)

Dating is a balancing act, don't talk too much about you, and don't talk too much about your date!

Make sure your date feels seen and listened, and get it heart(s)!

Goal: Earn as many hearts as possible.

How to earn harts?: By learning about the AI interests and becoming a good match for it.


It may seem like English (o Español), but Compicactus talks its own language. Always add the subject, for example say "me good " instead of "good".

Check the "Hints" button for more examples.

Use of AI

For this game an ontology was used, with a hierarchy of concepts (for example object->person->human), and a database of instances of those objects (for example the Player is a human).

This allowed for some generalizations, for example expecting that all Persons has a favorite color.

This was inspired in the work on Ontological Semantics (Sergei Nirenburg)

The system also uses an utility function to select the answers, given a set of goals.

This was inspired by the Versu story engine.


The music was generated with AIVA. And the heart icon was generated with DALL-E 2. Sound effect from 8 bit SFX pack.

Source Code

Get it on GitHub.


Linux.zip 18 MB
WindowsDesktop.zip 17 MB
MacOSX.zip 31 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run!

Development log

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